Ripped Jeans

So one day some strange designer appraised of changing the way the world wore jeans and cut them from places and defined it, ripped jeans. Are you someone who believes in this story as well? Well, this is not how ripped jeans came into being. In the olden days, the working class people wore jeans as they felt comfortable in them. The over-wearing prompted the jeans to have a ripped look which soon became a trend. In the 70s, clothes were a tremendous part of self-expression. In those days, denim became a sign of rebellion. Jeans were proposed for the working class and were too casual for those who were either college wear, office wear, or party wear. But then, many individuals fancied to become creative which is why they began adding a personal touch to the jeans. This was when the covered and embroidered jeans stormed the fashion world. By the 90s all the famous singers, rock stars and pop personalities sported ripped jeans and gave them, even more, fame. Ripped jeans aren’t something that happened recently; they have consistently been in fashion since the early 80s. The ripped jeans trend is back from the 90's in a hotter than ever version. Skinny ripped jeans are a hot choice if you want to add a dash of fresh yet sexy edge to your style. One can look chick effortlessly by pairing ripped jeans up with any outfits. Ripped jeans do not make by using scissors and an old pair of jeans. Ripped jeans are made with precise cuts, and threaded features are added to make the tears look as realistic as ever and still maintain the high quality the brands are known for. Many celebrities are seen wearing ripped and distressed jeans when they're out. The teenagers of today want to sport a rugged look some people call it " shabby fashion" by wearing the ripped jeans.

Ripped Jeans


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