There is the mystery in an aroma. It draws you to it, makes you wonder, and tempts you to take another whiff of it, making you curious about the different notes that lay hidden underneath each layer. Perfumery is an art, just like the painting. Mixing of various oils, adjusting its amounts, ensuring the right fragrance concentration, experimenting with compounds until the expertly trained nose is satisfied with just the right aromatic concoction to create a rarity. Mastering this extraordinary art takes decades of study, practice and meticulous training. That’s where your favorite branded perfumes emerge from. Once you begin to understand different kinds of perfumes, the essential scent traits, the intensity of the aromas, various notes and how they interact with each other, and how a perfume works on your body; picking the right fragrance for yourself and trying different varieties out there can be an absolute delight! Perfume is intimate.



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