A pen is a simple writing accessory that helps you to write, sign, fill up forms and take examinations. There are fountain pens, gel pens, ballpoint pens and ceramic pens. Also, some multi-purpose pens are available at Acchajee that has a marker, pencil and a pen in the same device. In the business world, people are particular about what pens they use. Some people use pens of specific brands and others and the look of pens matter a lot to them. Corporate people use premium pens that look stylish and have a touch of elegance. So apart from the function of writing, the pen carries a style quotient as well. So if you are a manager of a company you can be expected to take a premium pen. For school and college students, it is essential to always keep a few pens in their bags. They will require pens for their projects, tests and daily class notes.



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