Light Fixtures

Lighting is the most integral part of any interior space. Lighting changes not only the mood of the room or the ambiance of the place but also the perceived size of the room. The right lighting makes even the modest of space look more prominent and classy. The placement of lights and the type of lights play an important role as they play an important aspect of interior design in conjunction with the color of the wall paint, natural light, size of the room and the furniture present. You can go in for lights which can be hung in the center of the room as they provide ambient light. But if you are looking for more subtle lighting to highlight particular areas you can go for directional flashes such as track lights or recessed can lighting to illuminate the floors. Accent lighting such as spotlights and table lamps to highlight architectural features or photographs/paintings etc., Lighting adds elegance, style, sophistication and beautify your home or office spaces. You will be able to find LED lights of various colors, styles, and shapes on Acchajee. You can also check for wall lights.

Light Fixtures


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