Floor Coverings

Enjoy social gatherings without sacrificing on comfort. Keep the home decor luxurious with minimal investment. Cushions and poufs are sure to impress your guest, even surprise them with the bold hues and fabrics. No matter how you use these, they are easy to move around or stow for a practical home decor option. Have you ever had friends over and wished your sofa set provided more proximity and comfort between guests? Comfortably being seated in sofas, chairs or divans would mean restricting the movement of the furniture. For example, you have planned a big movie night with your most favorite people, and you are limitlessly racking your brain to find ideas on how to organize the seating. What if you had comfortable-cushioned seating that could move all over your drawing room? This is where floor cushions and poufs can be used as a brilliant solution. Floor poufs are like floor chairs, only smaller, can fit one person, cushioned, comfortable and can be moved anywhere. If you are having a gathering of your old school pals, these are a perfect idea to place around your already existing sofa set. Pouffes are merely designed to blend into your interiors in a colorful, playful but intimate manner. Most importantly they are light and occupy the least amount of space. 

Floor Coverings


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