Shipping & Delivery

For Imported Products 

For Imported Products

1). Shipping time for an Imported products may vary between 3 to 4 weeks for the product shipments.
2). Only prepaid orders are eligible
3). No cancellations shall be allowed after the dispatched period of product from an international location and Customer will be informed about the shipping status via his/her email. - Products from an International location is dispatched within 3 to 4 days of order placement.
4). We will not entertain refusal to receive the product at the moment of delivery, and no refunds shall be given in such circumstances.
5). The product is acceptable for return in one of the following conditions:
A). If the request for the product return is registered within a time interval of 24 hours after the product delivery
B). If the product is delivered is in defected or damaged condition to you.
C). If the product is not same as ordered or different in color, size, style and wrong product.
D). Warranty applicable if specified.


We are here to answer your all questions

    • 1. How can I track my order?

      You can quickly check the delivery status of your order from your Acchajee Shopping "MyAccount"We ensure timely communication about your order status via Email / SMS under the following conditions:

    • • When your order is confirmed/processed/shipped/delivered

      •When your order shipment is delayed

    • 2.  How long does it take to deliver the product after it has been dispatched from a vendor?

      It takes about 3 to 7 days to deliver the order after it has been dispatched from the merchant store. Varies in delivery time depends on the difference in your and merchant's location. In the case where a merchant is unable to process the requested order on time, Then we will transfer the order request to another merchant.

    • Furthermore, If the order still can’t be fulfilled, then the same will be canceled and your refund will be processed back to account.The refund will be credited to your account within 1 weeks after the order cancellation.

    • 3.  How much do we charge for shipping the products?

      The shipping cost of each product is mentioned on the product page. The amount that you pay while placing the order at Acchajee Shopping will include the product and courier charges.

    • For Cash on Delivery (COD) orders, the amount to be paid is mentioned on the package. It is the same price that is displayed while placing the order. You are not required to pay any extra amount at the time of receiving the COD order. However, some states levy Octroi charges, which we pay to courier/delivery partners. In rare conditions, if you may have to pay these, please send us a scanned copy of the receipt, and we will refund the amount to you.

    • 4. My order is out for delivery but has not reached?

      When status is marked as “Out for delivery”  when you tracked it but however order is not delivered to you in next 24 hours then you should kindly check with the logasticpantner or courier company or contact us .

    • 5. What can I do if my product is delivered to the wrong address?

      In case, you discover that the Courier Company has delivered your package to the wrong address, you should immediately contact us.

    • 6. Why is my order not delivered within the expected delivery date?

      There could be a delay in delivery depending upon the distance between  your shipping address to merchant's location, courier services, and  other unfavorable climatic conditions. You can track your shipment from the courier company’s website, using the tracking number sent to you on your registered Contact number and in the e- mail. If there's no update in shipment,then please wait for 48 hours. Else, get in touch with our customer support team by clicking on the below link : 

    • 7. Why have I received the partial order?

      Since your products may be shipped from different merchants, orders with multiple products and different delivery timelines will be delivered to you separately

    • 8. Why does the delivery time for the same product vary from seller to seller?

      The number of days could vary depending on the distance between your shipping address and seller’s location.

    • 9. Why is delivery time different for different products?

      The delivery time varies depending upon the following factors: 

    • 10. What should I do when I am unable to track my shipment?

      Courier companies update the tracking number on their website after the shipment is handed over to them.Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for the tracking number to get updated.However, the shipment is on its way to its destination. If you have recently received the shipment details, we would recommend you to wait and try tracking on the website after some time. If the tracking number is still not updated, please get in touch with us.

    • 11. Can I change my  Shipping Address?

      You may request for change of address as long as the order is not packed and ready for shipment. You can track the status of your order from acchajee shopping in my account section. Furthermore, If the order is not yet ready for dispatch, you can change your shipping address from 'My Account' section or contact us. If your current order has already been shipped, you can still update the address in your my account section for future orders.

    • 13. The Courier Company messages are inconsistent.

      We collaborate with some of the industry's biggest courier or delivery companies for delivering your orders to your doorstep. However, if you suspect that the courier company's message is inconsistent, please drop us a message by reaching contact us section.

    • 14. What is RTO?

      Return to Origin' or RTO just simply means that  the courier company or our  logoastic partners tried to deliver the order at your address but could not able to  deliver it due to any of the following reasons: Hence, the package is shipped back to the sender.> You are not available to receive the order. You are not available to receive the order. Your location is out of delivery area of the courier Payment is not ready with you at the time of delivery. Your address is not traceable.

    • 15. What happens after an RTO is received by Acchajee?

      If it is would be a Cash On Delivery Order, then, the product will be returned back to the merchant. If it would be a Prepaid Order, we will refund the amount to your bank account. 

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