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For Imported Products

1). Shipping time for an Imported products may vary between 3 to 4 weeks for the deliveries. 2). Only prepaid orders are eligible 3). No cancellations shall be allowed after the dispatched peroid of product from an international location and Customer will be informed about the shipping status via his/her email. - Generally, products from an International location are dispatched within 3 to 4 days of order placement. 4). Refusal to receive the product at the moment of delivery will not be entertained, and no refunds shall be given in such circumstances. 5). The product is acceptable for return in one of the following conditions: a). If the request for the product return is registered within time interval of 24 hours after the product delivery b). If the product is delivered is in defected or damaged condition to you. c). If the product is not same as ordered or different in color, size, style and wrong product. d). Warranty applicable if specified.

  • 1. How do I file a return request?

    You can submit a return request from your Acchajee Shopping account. Use the following steps: Sign In –> My Orders -> Request Return.

  • 2. Under what conditions can I return or replace my product?

    Returns or Replacement for any product will be registered under the following circumstances -
    • If you received the Wrong Product ( Wrong color/ size/ style ) • If the Wrong order or product is delivered to you. • If the inadequate Product ( Inauthentic/ Low Quality/ Expired) is Delivered to you. • If the product is Defective Product which is a manufacturing defect or in non-functioning condition (This Condition is Not applicable if the product is under Manufacturing Warranty). • In a condition of Damage Product – Physical damage, or Tampered product. • In the condition of Wrong Quantity – Missing Products or Parts

  • 3. Under what conditions returns/ replacement request will not be accepted?

    We will not accept returns or the Replacement requests under following cases – • If Product returned to us in are an Altered or Used condition. • If the product returned to us does not have its original packaging (price tags, labels & accessories). • For any of the Defective product that is covered by Seller or manufacturer's Warranty or Reported after 24 hours of the Delivery. • For Damaged or Missing product that is reported after 24 hours of the delivery • For Products sold under specific promotions and details of that product will be mentioned on the Product page and Terms & Conditions page.

  • 4. Which categories are not eligible for returns/ replacement?

    Ans: Following categories are not eligible for Returns or Replacement :
    • Healthcare Products • Customized Products • Undergarments, Lingerie, Swimsuits, Underarm pads, Socks, etc. • Things, especially foodstuffs including Flowers, Edibles, etc. • E-learning & Music CDs/ DVDs or the software.

  • 5. Which is the best time to place Return or Replacement request for any product?

    Return or Replacement application of the products should be submitted within 24 hours after the Order Delivery for Wrong or unsatisfactory product and under the following conditions return request should be filed: • Damaged Product • Empty Package • Missing Product Parts To file return request on Acchajee Shopping, refer to My Accounts, click on My Orders section and then finally click on Return button on selected order.

  • 6. When do you initiate Pickup for Returns?

    After your request to return an order is approved, then you will be ready for Pickup of return orders after this email will be sent to your registered email id for pick up related details. Please make sure that the product is ready with all tags & accessories. Along with this, we would recommend you to confirm proper packaging of the product t to avoid any damage during transportation. Please take care of the following details, while packing your product for the pickup: • Product should not be used, altered or tampered • Keep original price tag and packing slip as it was when delivered. • Specify Order Number on the product packing box. • Mention the Order Number and Delivery Address details on the package, before returning the package to our Pickup executive. • Keep the Courier Company's receipt with you for the tracking purposes. Please Note – Acchajee Shopping shall not be liable for any incidental defect/damage, like liquid leakage/mishandling, etc.

  • 7. What do I do if my area does not have a reverse pick up service?

    In the case, if our reverse pickup service is not available at your address, we will ask you to dispatch the product. The return address will be reported to you in a separate email, along with the packaging directions and all required documents. • Mention the Order number the Delivery Address on the package, before returning it to the Courier executive. • Send us the courier receipt by attaching it to confirmation email received after return filing. • Track your Return Shipment on the Courier Company's Website Please Note: Acchajee Shopping shall not be liable for any incidental defect/damage, like liquid leakage/mishandling, etc.

  • 8. How can you track the status of my Return request?

    Check the status of your Return shipment from the => ‘My Accounts ’ section then click on => ‘My Returns’ section and click on a particular product to view its return details. An acknowledgment email will be posted to your registered email address. After receiving your Return Request, we will update you on the status i.e. Acceptance/Rejection of Reverse Pickup, Reshipment & Refund.

  • 9. How can you track the status of Reverse Pickup?

    You can track the current return status by just logging in to 'My Account' > and then click on 'My Returns.' after that you have to click on a particular product to check its details. Then from there, you will see an option to track your Reverse Pickup.

  • 10. How to claim Return or Replacement for products under the Seller or Manufacturer’s Warranty?

    In the case of Seller or Manufacturer’s Warranty, you can only y just Claiming for product guarantee by calling or visiting the nearest Service Centre of the product's Brand. For any issues, please contact us by clicking on the contact us ( button on the footer of our website. We will take your questions forward to the original seller * Some of the products are not returnable. So we recommend you go through our Terms & Conditions page before making a purchase.

  • 11. Do you need to pay the courier company to send my product back?

    No, you don't need to pay even a single rupee to the courier executive in the case when we are arranging the pickup for your product. But in any case, when your address is not serviceable by our courier service providers then, in that case, you will have to self-ship the product back to us, and the address will be emailed to you with all the details.

  • 12. How will I know that my Returned product has reached you?

    We will send you an email after 24 Hours of Pickup, along with all the tracking details for your product. Now, you can track the package on logistic partner Company’s website. Moreover, you can also track the status of your return request at ‘My Accounts’ section -> by clicking on ‘My Returns’ button there where you can get all details for your returned product.

  • 13. How much time does it take to replace an order?

    We instate the replacement or refund process within two working days after receiving of the product at our fulfillment centre.

  • 14. Which products are not eligible for returns?

    Click on the link "Not eligible for returns" list of items. Those are not eligible for returns as per the Acchajee returns policy.

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