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Desi Fusion is a fashion and lifestyle label that integrates modern day dash and unapologetic individuality into traditional ethnic art forms to produce accessories which are au courant individualistic and chic. Desi Fusion is all about bringing Phulkari into the moment and showing it can be edgy and now thing . The rich embroidery of Phulkari has traditionally adorn the Punjabi women for generations . Phulkari means ‘flowered’ work, because the running design usually include the floral motifs . Our mission is to popularize Phulkari- the embroidery technique of our ancestors and develop products of it for present day usage. Desi Fusion products are designed on the lines of marrying “ethnicity with modernity” and creating collection for new age Desi’s around the globe. Desifusion aims at designing clothing and accessories for individuals who love natural fabrics, with an ethnic touch. In our endeavor to serve better we strive to create uniformity experienced by our consumers along with originality. Desi Fusion encourages a fashion statement that livens up the conventional beiges, grays and formal blacks with colorful personal and home accessories. It gives the Indian ethnic art forms a fresh lease of life while presenting it as ' exquistica' rather than exotica. Fine trims, keen workmanship, special attention to detail and contemporary design are characteristics of all pieces retailed through Desi Fusion, the key being understates luxury and avant-garde chic. Desi Fusion products are inspired by tradition and designed for today.

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